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"If you haven't heard of Fogarty's Dear's likely to hit your radar screen soon." --INC. Magazine.

Twitter: @rxfogarty

Hailed by James Carville as an “unconventional” founder of a new form of expression, Robert X. Fogarty’s work is seen 2 million times per month and the project has expanded from a rallying cry for one of the planet’s coolest cities (Dear New Orleans) to an international collection that knows no race, religion or language (Dear World). He’s been featured in the Washington Post and gave a keynote address at the 2011 Harvard Social Enterprise Conference. His interactive and participatory keynote speeches have drawn critical acclaim from conference organizers around the country.

Dear World Live on university campuses has also been produced at Tulane, Georgetown and Stanford. Dear World clients include the Clinton Global Initiative, Kauffman Foundation, Verizon Wireless, Whole Foods Market, and Tony Hsieh from

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